Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Oh the places we call home ...

I love looking at other people's houses. Not in a scary "I am stalking you" kind of way but more for general interest. I wonder how people come about the places they eventually call home.

For example, when I was in Florence, I saw this and it made me wonder how someone could live over a bridge when there was plenty of land on solid ground only a few meters away.

Living here would seriously give me panic attacks but that's probably because I am slightly afraid of bridges. I ofen have this re-occurring dream that I am walking across a bridge when all of a sudden it starts to sway and one by one the suspension cords start to unravel and then... oh wait.. sorry. That's not a post for this blog...

Here's another dwelling I snapped a picture of while visiting the market in Venice a few years back:

Of course "market" is a relative term there since the market was actually the boat that you see in the forefront of this picture. And if you were not there on time, the boat merchant would boat off to another tourist-filled spot. Anyhow, imagine living in a city that is under a state of alert because of the possibility of sinking?? That would also give me sleepless nights.

Hmmm... have you seen any interesting places that people call home? Are there any types of dwellings that you would/would not care to call home??

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