Monday, September 28, 2009

Monday Showers

I don't usually like the rain. It makes my hair frizz. It makes my clothes wet and it is usually cold. I think that rainy days are meant to be indoors with a nice cup of tea, curled up on a great chair right in front of a warm fireplace!

... if only we had a fireplace that is :( We had ordered one over a year and a half ago BUT - something got lost in translation from the time we ordered to when we moved in. We had a fireplace (that didn't work we quickly found out) but there was no lovely mantle. Just wall. We found out that our original mantle was discontinued. The builder offered us an upgrade which we took. It was supposed to be installed 1 month ago but didn't come. We inquired again and found out that the paperwork for the new mantle was never submitted by the builder to the mantle place. Oh well. Everything is all resolved now so hopefully we should have our mantle installed by the end of October *fingers crossed*.

We chose a black marble for the surround and the wood will be stained in an espresso colour to match our floor. Here is what it will look like (minus all the decorative stuff in this photo of course):

Of course, until we get it installed, this is what we have to "curl up in front of":

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