Friday, October 30, 2009

Decorating Dilemma

I have hit a bit of a wall with one of our rooms. It is quite a large room and I think that it is the scale of the room that is throwing me off. Originally, the room was described as a Living/Dining room area. We have currently have a seating area in our kitchen and are not in the need for a Dining Room. We would however, like to have a media room on the main floor (until we finish the basement which is 2-3 years down the road) so have decided to use this Living/Dining room space as our TV/Media room.

The space is beautiful. It faces a walking path/pond area so has really nice views. But it is too big (10'9" x 19') for me to figure out what to do with it so I feel that I am a bit everywhere.

Here is a picture of the layout of the main floor (I flipped the image as our house was built as a mirror of the plan so that would explain why the words are backwards).

The room is on top of the porch in the picture - or rather, as you enter the house, the room in question is located to your left.

To better visualize the room, here are a couple of pictures of the room from different angles. The first is when you are standing in front of the room (as you enter) and the following 2 pictures are from the end of the room looking towards the entry way.

The entire main floor is painted in this colour from Benjamin Moore:

We have already ordered faux-wood blinds for the main floor but they will be coming at the end of November.

We have 4 main functions for this room:

1 - We want it to feel warm and inviting
2 - It will be used by the hubby to entertain the boys for hockey, and football (and
host the SuperBowl party)
3 - I will also use this room to watch movies or tv with my girlfirends.
4 - Maybe put our Mac in this room so that we have access to the computer on the
main floor

Anyhow, here are the pieces that we have come up with so far for this room:

On the wall on the left, I was thinking of placing a media unit like the Besta one from Ikea in black/brown like this one to fill the wall and put our tv there:

In front of the tv, we are thinking of putting a chocolate brown leather sofa like the Tavern from EQ3.
To protect the hardwood for now, I thought that getting an area carpet sized the same size as the room minus 1 foot from the wall (to show off some of the floor) would be nice.

And that's about it. But honestly, this looks boring to me so I have hard time committing to it. I know that accessories can completely pull things together but with such a large space, I feel that these pieces are not doing the room justice. Perhaps we do need to break up the space into 2 functional but joined rooms but I am stumped.

Hmmm... if any of you have some suggestions/pictures, feel free to send them our way! We are more than happy to welcome different perspectives.

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