Monday, August 10, 2009

We've got lights!!

Actually, we've got new lights I should say. I was getting tired of the standard builder "boob" light (as I like to call them) on our main floor so Hubby and I went out and shopped around and found a great track light for above the kitchen island. I love the straight lines and simplicity of it. And, it gives off just enough light to highlight the kitchen area without over powering it. Check it out:

We also saw these two lights and think that we will purchase them as well. I love the contemporary and classic look and feel that they have and think that they will be a great addition to our space! The first light will be 20" in diameter and will look fabulous above our 42" kitchen table. The second one will be mounted in the center of our Great Room, flush with the ceiling and will be 16" in diameter.

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