Monday, August 10, 2009

Style me pretty

This whole "decorating the house" adventure that I am on is not always the easiest. Sometimes it is just plain frustrating when after 2 monthes, we can still not find the perfect chair to compliment our kitchen table or the perfect rug to tie in our family room furniture. I know that it will all come together in time but I guess that I am getting impatient...

...until I just discovered Stella & Dot. Like seriously - where have they been all my life?? I am absolutely smitten with the jewellery. I love the vintage/stylish look of many of the peices. I may not have that perfect couch or rug or circular-espresso-stained-wooden-framed-mirror to hang above my mantle yet but at least I'll look great while I'm shopping for the rest of the furniture for our new home and that's just as important right???

Check out these beauties. Recently I have really been in love with the colour of coral and I think that these pieces are so up my alley:

Selma Brooch Cuff:

Selma post Earrings:

Soirée Pave bracelet:

I am also a sucker for chunky bracelets and just can't get enough of the Kelly Cuff ones. I like both the black and red one so am not sure yet on which one would be the better purchase for me. Hmmm... maybe I'll buy one and ask my Hubby to "surprise" me with the other one for Christmas...

And of course, I think that the Jasmine Filigree earrings are just so classic and stylish without being over the top. They look versatile enough to be paired with just about anything so I will definitely get them too.

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