Tuesday, June 16, 2009

We're in!!!!

And loving it!

And I am so sorry for not having written anything since we got the house two and a half weeks ago! The move went well but we have been so busy packing and unpacking and cleaning etc that I haven't had time to blog. And, my computer is back in the shop so I have been unable to share any pictures of the final product (although it is beautiful if I do say so myself!).

We have had a few "incidents" with our furniture that were frustrating to say the least. Remember the kitchen table that I bought 2 monthes ago? Well, when we finally assembled it last Sunday (got tired of eating at the breakfast bar), the base fell apart and DENTED our brand new hardwood. We had cardboard underneath it to protect it but that did not save the hardwood underneath. Luckily though, the dent is really only noticeable to us but still. It was definitely not a plesant experience. And we decided to return that beautiful creamy-white leather sofa and side chair that we bought because the colour really did not go well with our space and the sofa was a bit too small for the room. However, that being said, we did find another kitchen table that we are ecstatic about (we are going to go and pick it up next week) as well as find a sofa that will definitely look a lot better in our place. And we have decided on the backsplash tile that we are going to use in our kitchen. I do have a picture of it and can share this. Think of it as a bit of a teaser till I get pictures of the rest of the place posted:

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