Thursday, May 21, 2009

Oh la la...

All of our cabinets have been installed and they look great! The knobs are the wrong ones (on all of the cabinets) but the cabinets themselves look wonderful and I am very happy with them. As well, I really like the layout of the kitchen. I wasn't sure when we originally chose it since we decided on the layout based on what was on paper instead of an actual picture of what it would look like, but after seeing it last night, I am so happy with it. I already have ideas of how I would like to decorate it and the adjoining eat-in area (I just have to make sure Hubby doesn't look at his Visa bill for awhile...). The kitchen was really messy when we were there last night but I think that they had just finished installing everything. And, technically speaking, we really weren't supposed to be in the house till next Tuesday so I'll let the mess slide for now :)

That green thing that you see is someones' tool kit and we will definitely be replacing the builder standard white hood fan with a stainless steel one to better match all of the stainless steel appliances that we bought.

Hmmm... these next 5 days are gonna feel like forever!!! Thank goodness we still have a ton of packing to get through to keep us occupied.

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