Friday, May 1, 2009

Happy May 1st!!!

There are only 25 days left and counting!!! Hubby and I went out to the house last night and no one was around so we were able to sneak in and take a peak. I love, love the way the tile in the front entrance is coming along. It'll be such a nice complement for the dark 3 1/4" plank hardwood that will be laid in the adjacent rooms.

The railings have already been put in. I love the chocolate stain that we chose. It looks so rich and hopefully matches the hardwood *fingers crossed*
Here is the Master Ensuite. They just finished the tiles but I noticed that it was not placed correctly so we have already contacted the builder to have it fixed. The listello on the bottom left was supposed to continue into the shower. As well it is supposed to be a double-line and not a single one. Hopefully the tilers will fix this before the glass-shower gets installed.

Our future Master Bedroom. I can not wait to decorate it!!

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