Saturday, February 28, 2009

She ain't pretty - she just looks that way.

Seriously. Our regular, 10$ faithful iron that we had for years finally went kaput on us so we decided that it was time for an upgrade. And oh what an upgrade. One look at this beauty and we were sold. With it's LED readout display and vertical steam feature, we thought it was perfect for us.

But as the title says, the best part of this iron was only in its' outward appearance. It takes forever to heat up, cools down almost immediately after it has heated up (i.e.:while I am using it!!) and it beeps. ALL THE TIME. It is rather annoying. Now I have to find the receipt, pack it up and take it back to the store and find another iron. Such a shame. It is such a pretty iron and we loved the way it looked but oh well - guess we've learned my lesson. Better off choosing function before style (in the case of the iron of course). I hope the next iron we buy will be good *fingers crossed*

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