Saturday, February 28, 2009

Our first home!

After years of renting, hubby and I finally decided to take the plunge and buy a home. We looked for months at everything from condos to townhomes to old homes with lots of land and some homes that had no land and could not decide on a house that we both liked. Then one day it just happened. We heard of this new development and decided to check it out. We weren't really thinking about buying a new-build but we heard some good things about this new builder and decided to check it out. They had some model homes so we took a walk through them. Then it happened. There was this one model that, when we stepped in, we just new it was the one. It just felt right. It was as if this house was built just for us. Within an hour of seeing that model, we rushed over to the Sales Center to choose a lot and purchase our very first home!!!! I am so excited. We have a beautiful porch and facing a park and pond. There are lots of windows so lots of light coming through. The house will not be ready till June 2009 so we still have lots of waiting to do but it will be worth the wait when it is ready.

Here is a picture of the model home. We chose the same exterior options (brick, siding, shingles etc.) as what you see in the picture but have chosen a different look inside. The model home is beautifully decorated in a traditional-modern style that looks fantastic but our style is more on the contemporary side so that will be the look/feel that we will try to achieve.

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