Friday, January 21, 2011

If you like it then you'd better put a rug under it

I have recently decided that it was time to change up the Master bedroom. It's not that I don't like what we have - I do. I just feel that it is time to evolve the space and make it more reflective of us. The room is not yet complete so I really want to finish it up so that I can move on to other spaces. So far, I have bought the Barometer lamp from Ikea as well as the Andrea Satin duvet cover for their industrial look and clean, straight lines. In terms of the bed, I was thinking of changing it and getting a new frame but after thinking about it and looking at it, I realized that what it really needs is some bling. We already have new bedding that we like. And, since I absolutely love mixing textures and layering, I have decided that an area rug under the bed is what was missing to make it look great and define the space better. (I can hear my hubby groaning now...)

For some reason, I am drawn to the Ayo rug by West Elm. It is darker and more masculin than what I normally go for. As well, it has circles which I am not usually drawn to but for some reason, this rug speaks to me. My only concern is whether or not it will clash with the straight lines of the bed linens? I think it may be too much but then again, I do love mixing different textures and it is returnable if I don't like it (returnable being a 5 hour drive to Toronto from here since there is no West Elm near Ottawa). But why not? Do you think they would mesh well together?

IKEA Andrea Satine bedding (it has a more greyish/purple undertone in person than in this shot)

Ayo rug by West Elm:

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