Monday, March 16, 2009

Could this be it??

This weekend, Hubby and I went to visit my family in la belle province. During our visit, we decided to go shopping with my siblings. Normally, my husband is quite mall-adverse but he knew how much my sisters like to shop and seeing as how it was one of their birthdays, was happy to go along with us. Anyhow, while we were shopping/browsing the clothing stores, I noticed a furniture store that caught my eye so went in and that's when I saw it. The kitchen table that I have been searching everywhere for for the last 2 months. I have seen very similar versions of it here in Ottawa but they were always too big. I was starting to think that it was probably not available in the size that I needed so was going to give up on it but thank goodness I didn't because I now know that it is available. And the salesrep said that they can order one in for me but wasn't sre how long it would take so will call me back to let me know.

Hmm... I found out that the base of this table is made of eco-friendly wood. Although I am not as passionate about the environment as my counterparts, hearing this made me feel like I should go and hug a tree. For a second anyways...

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