Tuesday, March 3, 2009

The Bachelor

Every season I pick a reality show and follow it through. It doesn't really matter what it is. I just pick one and that's the one that I will devotedly watch. What happens if I miss an episode? Hubby will watch it for me (he is the BEST!!) or I'll try and watch it online. Anyhow, last nights' Final Rose/After the Rose episode really through me for a curveball. I felt like I was sucker-punched right in the tummy. I mean, here I am all season like, "Oh Jason is such a good guy" and "what a great father - I hope he finds the ONE" and then he does and I was so happy for him for because he and Melissa genuinely looked happy. But then, what does he do 4 weeks later??? He turns around, dumps the poor girl on national television and goes after the runner up. Class-LESS. Who does that? I could understand if he was contractually obligated to give his decision on national tv but that was just low if that was the case. Poor Melissa. I liked her and thought she was sweet even though she wasn't the one that I was rooting for. And the fact that Jason, who looked so upset for hurting Melissa, turns around 20 minutes later to ask runner-up Molly (who had no idea what had just happened) if they could see where things could go between them - I mean come on. All I can say is that Jason Mesnick is officially a douche-bag in my books.

Hmm... it's ironic how Jason's wife left him broken-hearted for another man and how he called her low for doing that yet he turns around and does the same thing to Melissa - and on national television nonetheless!

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